It’s Almost Summer, and that Means Beach Reads!!

There are many reasons that this is one of my favorite times of year – and no, not just because it’s nearly my birthday, not because the weather gets lovely (but these are totally awesome reasons too), I love that it’s time for the beach read.  Of course I love going to the beach or pool for a little break and being able to read, but there is something about the beach read.

I tend to designate my “beach read” time (as opposed to my, oh I have a few hours that I can sit at the pool and maybe read) as either a holiday weekend or when I am away. I may read what I am working on, but I prefer to give my reading a vacation too with something that I might not normally read, or take a break from something more intense for something lighter and fast.

On Sunday I posted a review for Fly Away by Kristin Hannah, which I thought my be my first beach read recommendation of the season, when I had an early spring hot weather getaway. I was not at the beach, and this book turned out to not be at all light (not that I didn’t enjoy it, you can see from the review, but it turns out it wasn’t what I personally look for in a beach read). This holiday weekend (thank you all for taking a holiday to celebrate my birthday with me), I am not sure what I am going to read. I have many books going right now, and really if I found time to dedicate to sit out and get into a book it should be to finish The Goldfinch (it is taking me forever), but I will hopefully find myself starting Elin Hilderbrand’s Beautiful Day. It takes place in Nantucket, there is a wedding and family drama – seems exactly what a beach read should be.

What are you going to be reading this holiday weekend? And what “beach reads” would you recommend to me and my readers for this summer?


Review: Fly Away by Kristin Hannah

Fly AwayMemorial Day is right around the corner, and with it the time for summer beach reads. This spring I made a little escape from the East coast frozen zone for a little warm weather getaway, which was a chance to read what could be my first beach read (even if I wasn’t going to the beach). Out of the many books I loaded on my Kindle, I read Kristin Hannah’s Fly Away which I will tell you about soon, but I can say, it’s probably not what I would recommend for a fun in the sun beach read. Really, I felt like I could cry at any moment throughout the entire book from the first chapter.

Fly Away is the sequel to Kristin Hannah’s Firefly Lane, the story of two best friends Kate and Tully. If you haven’t read it, this is one you need to read before you read the next chapter in the Kate and Tully story. You really need to be invested in the lives of these two friends.

– Not real spoilers ahead for Fly Away, but there are for Firefly Lane, so if you want to read from a totally blank slate you might not want to keep reading –

Firefly Lane ends with Kate losing her battle against cancer. Fly Away is the story of what is next for Kate’s family and Tully and a reminder that Kate held everyone together, and they all spiral out of control without Kate’s influence. Tully loses her career as a famous TV journalist (think Oprah) and becomes a sad sidenote in celebrity gossip magazines. Kate’s husband Johnny, a TV producer is failing as a dad, he just can’t seem to do the right thing. Kate and Johnny’s daughter Marah has gone from being a troublesome teenager to falling into something deeper. Only Kate’s twin boys seem to be doing OK. They all need to come together and move on, to all reach the potential that Kate saw in them.

The book was a real emotional roller coaster, not a fun amusement park ride. It wasn’t light, but I did appreciate being back together with these characters, and it does make you think about and appreciate those really special relationships that come in to your life.