Review: One More Thing by B.J. Novak

One More ThingYou might know B.J. Novak from the big and small screen – but now it’s time you know his writing. Novak’s new book One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories, is a series of short stories with a wide range of topics, from what happened with the hare after the famous race of the tortoise and the hare to the story of the guy who created the calendar. It’s fun, funny and a fast read, and you can here Novak’s snarky voice coming through in many places (an added bonus).

I am not typically a fan of short stories, I like to invest in a character and story, but kudos to Novak for creating some stories with a real character and storyline arc. Sure, there were some pieces that didn’t strike a high note with me, but overall I enjoyed the book. Plus I did appreciate having short chapters when I was reading before bed, or while on the elliptical. Maybe there will be more short stories in my future – hopefully some ones from Novak.