Review: Starting Now by Debbie Macomber

0345528816.01._SX140_SY224_SCLZZZZZZZ_Libby thought she had her life all figured out. Ignoring building a “life” and nurturing her personal relationships, she dedicated herself to her work as a corporate lawyer knowing that the long hours she put in at the office would fast track her to partner. So when she is invited to her boss and mentor’s office she is already thinking about her partnership when instead she is laid off. This is where Starting Now by Debbie Macomber begins, and it is where Libby’s finally begins.

It takes Libby time to get out of the funk of her upended life, but when she gives herself some time to think about her mentor’s advice she begins to get herself back in order through some unexpected places – a yarn shop and then a hospital’s maternity ward. Libby rebuilds a connection to her dead mother by starting to knit (one of the last things her mom taught her before she died), and knits hats for babies in the hospital nursery. On a trip to drop off the hats, she is asked to volunteer to hold the babies and this opens Libby up to new feelings and new relationships.

Over the course of the book Libby reconnects with a friend, begins a slow build of a relationship with a doctor at the hospital, tries to help a pre-teen in need and start her own law practice. For someone previously so focused on one aspect of her life to the detriment of everything else, this is a lot and she falls back into some old habits, and Macomber takes us along on Libby’s journey to find herself and her balance.

I have never read any of Macomber’s books before, this book is part of the Blossom Street series. I was looking for something different from some of the books I typically read and responded to an ARC request ad on Shelf Awareness. It’s a very easy going book, but I did find some of the things Macomber threw in Libby’s path a bit too much. I felt like it was trying to teach and preach too many lessons in one story. The book, and the cover, make me think of sitting on a summer porch in a white rocking, but it was not really a book for me. I’m glad I gave this book and series a chance, but this isn’t one I see myself going back to.


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  1. I know a lot of people who love Macomber’s work – sorry you didn’t love it. This does sound like a good book for the beach to me.

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