It’s Monday, 17 June – What Are You Reading?

It’s time for Book Journey’s fabulous weekly posting “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?”

June is half-way over, how did this happen? Reading and posting is getting better – and I hope to keep it up and increase postings throughout the summer. I have to up my reading too – according to my Goodreads tracker, I am 7 books behind in reading 50 books this year. That’s a lot of catch-up, but I hope to get there this summer.

Last week was a good reading week, I started and finished The Lullaby of Polish Girls by Dagmara Dominczyk (which I  got as an ARC from LibraryThing Early Readers), started up Alison Sweeney’s The Star Attraction and also, in honor of True Blood’s return to HBO, started Dead Ever After, the final book in Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series. I didn’t like the previous one and had planned to swear off them, but this one is the end of the series, so I figured I could read one more to see how it all ends.

This week I plan to finish up Sookie and start Daphne Kalotay’s Sight Reading (which I received as an ARC), and also hopefully finish up The Star Attraction, which is really what I want to spend all my free reading time reading – it is definitely a fun, quintessential  summer read!

Here’s my last week in review:

Books Finished:
The Lullaby of Polish Girls by Dagmara Dominczyk

Reviews Posted:
Beautiful Ruins

How about you? How was your week last week and what are you going to be reading this week?


6 Responses

  1. I’ve been wanting to read Beautiful Ruins for some time now. I will head over to your review next to see what you thought!

    Here’s my It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

  2. I liked Dead Ever After and was happy with how Harris ended the series. Come see my Monday Report here. Happy reading!

  3. Hi! I saw Alison Sweeney on tv talking about her book Star Attraction, and put the pieces together: that woman from Biggest Loser and Days of Our Lives! Will be adding it to my list. Happy reading!

  4. I just started following-love your blog! I just finished Sight Reading- will look forward to hearing how you liked it. Here is my Monday post-


  5. The Lullaby of Polish Girls has piqued my interest! Happy reading…

  6. I hope you have another great week in books. I’m almost done with The Last Original Wife and then I’ll pick up The Light Between Oceans for my book club.

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