Review: The Newlyweds by Nell Freudenberger

The NewlywedsLove in the age of the Internet, this certainly isn’t the theme of Nell Freudenberger’s book The Newlyweds, but that is where it begins. Amina is a smart, computer-literate girl in Bangladesh with an advanced knowledge of English. She dreams big, but not as big as her parents dream for her. She one day adds her profile up to an overseas dating site and begins an online relationship with George, a thirty-something engineer from upstate New York.

George travels to Bangladesh to meet Amina in person, and make her dreams come true, no not getting engaged (although they do that) but make it possible for her to live in America, by being his wife. There are some charming chapters about Amina trying to fit in an understand America – but then a sort of soap opera plot takes over, actually a few of them, and the book sort of lost me.

But, that being said I enjoyed Freudenberger’s writing and characters – even if I thought the plot strayed a lot. I love books where I am exposed to new cultures, and find characters that try and make their way in a new culture. It is always insightful. And as an aside – while I ordered this book on my Kindle, what a beautiful cover for this book.


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