What Are You Reading Monday, 14 January

Happy Monday! It’s time for Book Journey’s fabulous weekly posting “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?”

My reading week was a pretty good one, at least I was able to accomplish what I had hoped: finishing True Believers by Kurt Andersen. It was solidly enjoyable, but sometimes seemed to stretch on a big too long (but not as long as another of his books I read, Heyday).

I started up two new books: Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus and a biography entitled Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey (and please no spoilers to last night’s episode – after watching my Patriots win, I watched the Golden Globes). I only just started them both this weekend and hope to get through each pretty quickly since I am really enjoying them both. For pleasure reading I am not sure where I will go once I finish those up … not that I don’t have plenty of options!

And just a side note (and a little personal pat on the back), I am a magazine junkie – and hate to get rid of them until I read them, so my magazine rack had gotten to a point where my stack was half-way to reaching the top of the arm of my couch. But I am happy to report that I have made excellent progress and most of the many magazines I get are up caught up to the January issues.

So that’s my week. How about you? What did you finish up in your reading world, and what will you be picking up next?


5 Responses

  1. I subscribe to and collect numerous magazines, too; keeping them organized is a challenge! But I can’t resist them.

    I finally found Downton Abbey on my channel lineup and set the DVR to record the series! Yay! Now I can find out what everyone is talking about.

    Enjoy your week.


  2. Congrats on getting through your magazines 😉 I have a giant stack right now that I should be reading too…eeek. I hope you’re enjoying The Night Circus, such a fun read!

  3. I quit buying magazines because I never got through my stacks. Have a great week in books!

  4. I am probably one of a very few that hasn’t read Night Circus yet. IT is patiently waiting on my huge TBR STACK! Happy Reading!!

  5. I’ve been wanting to read Night Circus!

    Congrats on the Patriots win. That was a good game. I hope they go all the way!

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