Review: The Twelve by Justin Cronin

The TwelveVampires are hot fiction characters, I don’t need to tell you that. But if you are hoping for a new Edward and Bella from Justin’s Cronin’s trilogy this is not the series for you. However, if you like your vampires scary and enjoy a well-built and well-written story that spans years – you have found yourself a new series to read.

The Twelve is the second book in a planned trilogy by Cronin that chronicles the spread of a government created vampire virus and the effects over many years of time as the world (well at least the world in the continental U.S.) rebuilds. If you have not read The Passage, I would recommend running out and getting it immediately – not just because you need the background to have the connection with the characters, but because it is a great book.

In The Twelve, Cronin did a good job jumping right in to the story and pulling me in. It may be because I had some ideas of what I was reading (as opposed to when I started The Passage) but I also found a better build-up of action in the first 100 pages – while in The Passage I felt disjointed in the jump of time periods and it took me longer to bond with the new time and characters. Cronin also brought me back up to speed, reminding me of plot points from The Passage, without taking steps back in the story.

So all told, not a light read (in quantity and also in the message) a really great book – and you can bet I am already anxiously awaiting the final book in the series. (A little online looking shows that the book will be titled The City of Mirrors and will be out in 2014.)



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  1. My sister would probably like this but I don’t think it’s for me.

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