Review: Everything Sucks by Hannah Friedman

In her memoir Everything Sucks, Hannah Friedman takes the reader through her life from childhood to high school. And what a life it is.

Before Hannah even gets to high school, she has collected a world of experience, from living with a rescued monkey (and having quite a few run-ins with her) to living on the road in a tour bus for a year with her family while her musician dad performs across England. But Hannah just wants to fit in and be cool, and just doesn’t seem to be able to connect with her classmates – to them she is “that monkey girl.”

Her opportunity comes when she earns a scholarship to attend a private high school. The students there don’t know her – so it can be a fresh start. In the rest of the book, Hannah’s stories take the reader through the next four years and all that she did to fit it, be cool, be liked. She writes about her mean girl-like friends, drug use, falling in love, fights with her parents and the all important college application process.

Her stories are interesting on their own, but what makes this book is Hannah’s writing – engaging and humorous. One of my favorite lines in the book comes as Hannah is about to experience Christmas dinner at her boyfriend’s house – with his Mormon family:
In the Cole mansion, I stick out like a gooey slab of gefilte fish on a platter of angel-shaped Christmas cookies.” (Pg. 151)

I definitely enjoyed this book and would like to read more of Hannah’s stories from college and beyond.

This book was sent to me by the author to review.

4 Responses

  1. I really liked this book, too. It was so gratifying to see Hannah figure things out in the end.

  2. Hilarious read! I read it all in one day. Tam, do you know if there’s a sequel in the works?

  3. I have seen this book around. I was intrigued by the title alone:) I think I will add this to my list, thanks for the review

  4. This book was very well written and touched on so many parts of growing up that are never really talked about honestly- the humiliations of sexual experimentation, the idiocy of the college application process, the insanity of girl-world, extremely refreshing and poignant- I think it’s a must for anyone who is a teen, has ever been a teenager, or has teenage kids! Haha.


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