Review: Fallen by Lauren Kate

School has already been in session for about a month when Luce arrives, late, for her orientation at Sword & Cross, a reform school near her home in Georgia. After meeting and talking with a few students before her first class, she makes eye contact with Daniel, someone she thinks is a stranger, but seems so familiar. When he meets her look, he responds by giving her the finger.

In spite of that greeting, Luce can not keep her mind off of Daniel, even though Cam is certainly trying to keep her thoughts elsewhere – giving her special attention, and presents, including a new necklace. But Luce spends much of her free time trying to learn more about Daniel, with the help of a well-connected friend.

Events over her first few weeks at school begin to draw Daniel closer to Luce. He eventually starts acting less cold with her and little by little the real Daniel starts to emerge, and he is definitely more than what he seems – as are some of the other Sword & Cross students.

With Fallen, by Lauren Kate, this supernatural young adult novel is hard to sum up without giving too much away. For me, I never really hit that point where the book grabbed me. While I know there is a sequel, Torment, coming out, so this book was mostly establishing the story, I still felt like it really only gave a small glimpse of the full story surrounding Luce, Daniel, Cam and the rest. Towards the end I found myself pushing through just so I could see what would happen, without any vested interest in any of the characters or their outcomes.

I received this book from the publisher following a submission on Shelf Awareness. The book I read was an ARC, not the final hardcover version.

Author: Lauren Kate
ISBN: 978-0385738934
Published: December 8, 2009 (Hardcover)
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Pages: 464


5 Responses

  1. Well darn, I have this one on my shelves, so I was hoping you were going to rave over it.

  2. Sounds like The Hollow, it never quite gets off the ground and seems like a background for the sequel. I was thinking of getting this from library but not sure it’s worth my time. Haven’t really seen any good reviews

  3. might be boring but i love reading and it will help with making sence of the second so im gonna read it then wait to find the sequel…it actually sounds like a good book to me but i’ve read mixed reviews..

  4. This does sound like the Hollow…this looks like it might be a good library read though.

  5. Oh, I’m reading this one right now and I can’t seem to put it down! LOL Love the review!

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