Sookie Stackhouse Reading Challenge: Dead Until Dark & Living Dead in Dallas

Sookie Reading ChallengeIn my “summer of the reading challenge,” I had seen a lot of the bloggers I follow signing up for the Sookie Stackhouse Reading Challenge hosted by Beth Fish Reads. I went back and forth about joining for quite awhile. I watch the HBO series, but didn’t know if I would actually want to read the books, let alone enjoy them. But, I finally decided to jump in, and am now so happy that I did.

Dead Until DarkFor those not familiar with the blonde, Louisiana born, barmaid mind reader – Sookie is a strong character filled with sass, but she has underestimated her skills and smarts, choosing to think of her mind reading as a disability, rather than a gift. This is of course until Vampire Bill walks in to her bar. She had always wanted to meet a vampire, and now here he was. It is only a short time after this meeting that Sookie is saving Bill’s life, and soon after that Bill returns the favor. And so begins Charlotte Harris’ first book in the Sookie series Dead Until Dark. Through out this book, Sookie seems to personally grow into her character, as she begins to appreciate her “disability” and use it to look into the strange happenings in her hometown of Bon Temps.

Living DeadThe second book, Living Dead in Dallas we see more of Sookie’s building relationship with Bill – and the difficulty of having a relationship with a vampire. And for those of you familiar with the TV series, we see the introduction of the Fellowship of the Sun and the maenad (both prominent in the series this season).

I have to say though that this is pretty much where a lot of the similarities end. Having watched the series first I went in to the books expecting certain things that never happened – where is Tara, what’s up with Jason, and oh so many more questions. But once I got past it and decided to enjoy the fun, light ride of the books, I enjoyed them all the more. And while I won’t compare the books to the TV series, I will say, much like I am enjoying the second season of True Blood more than the first — I enjoyed the second book so much more than the first.

I am looking forward to continuing on with this challenge.

5 Responses

  1. This is a great series. There are differences but Tara will turn up later on. I actually like the Tara on the show more than in the book. I just enjoy the series and books as two great things which a lot of people seem unable to do because fans of a book series can be very protective I guess when it comes to it being transformed into a show.

  2. I’ve got to get hot with this challenge – I haven’t read any of them yet.

  3. I’m about to read those, too, although I’ve watched the show already. It will be interesting to see the difference, like Tara : I’m surprised to learn that she wasn’t there at the beginning!

  4. I finished the entire series of books in less than 2 weeks outside of the first! I liked the 2nd book a lot better than the first, but oddly I think I’m preferring the first season of the show more than the 2nd.

    Tara on the show is a lot better than the Tara in the books, in my opinion!

  5. I have watched the show and have started the 2nd book. I was terribly disapointed that Tara was not in the first book as well. But I was even more disappointed that Lafayette’s character is not more involved in the book.

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