Monday Reading Room – Week of 22 June

Welcome to a new week and another opportunity to finish up that long lingering book (I am pointing that finger directly at me) or start that one on the top, or bottom, of your TBR list.

Oh, and of course … Happy Summer!

There was a great discussion last Thursday on Twitter under #FollowReader on Summer Reading. I personally don’t change my reading habits just because it’s the summer. I know there are books/genres that tend to be labeled Summer Reads (like I talked about in last Sunday’s “Beach Reads” post) since people tend to read them while traveling and on vacation, mostly because they are lighter fare. But, my travel isn’t usually confined to just the summer, so I find myself reading lighter fare on trains, airplanes, when I just want to chill, any time of year.

But to the topic at hand – what am I reading this week. Well, I am sick of saying that I am reading Crime and Punishment (a note though that I am not sick of the book, just in me not finishing it yet), and I will not allow myself to be in this situation again next week. So that’s on my reading list. I would like to add a few more, like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (which I couldn’t resist picking up on Saturday) but I might have to dedicate myself to good ol’ Dostoevsky, that is of course after I also finish reading The Madonnas of Leningrad – I only have about 90 pages to go, so I will finish that up this week.


What are you reading this week? Is there any book staring at you that you feel compelled to absolutely finish this week? And in follow-up to the Twitter #FollowReader discussion, do you have any specific summer reads that are on your Summer of 09 TBR list?


3 Responses

  1. Crime and Punishment is so good but it does take a little while. Good luck!

    As for summer reading, I find myself where you are. I don’t have specific summer reading as I travel throughout the year. My summer list is just my normal list. Right now I am attempting to read Infinite Jest with an online group. We will see how that goes…

    This week, I need to finish up The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane which is good, albeit slow.

  2. I don’t really change the way I read over the summer. I usually read a lot of non-fiction, literary fiction and books that explore heavy themes. When I read too many I will intersperse them with a lighter work here or there.

  3. I just read what I read so I don’t read books in the summer that I wouldn’t read at any other time of the year. Sure there are times when I might want something a bit lighter. I just finished reading John Winchester’s Journal and now I’m reading Death Du Jour by Kathy Reichs, Smoke And Ashes by Tanya Huff along with All That Glitters by VC Andrews. I’m a bit of a weird reader since I read double and sometimes triple.

    Since I prefer read walking with paperbacks I’m reading an extra book because the library must have screwed up so the VC Andrews book is a hardback. And since I’m leery about books from the library after the booger incident I tend to read my own books so I usually read the Tanya Huff book in bed since I finally managed to get that because I couldn’t get it at the library in paperback and I loved the Blood Books so knew I’d enjoy these too.

    I don’t really have a list of books to read really since I rely on the library for my book fix. If I see a book post where it sounds interesting I’ll tend to head over to the library’s website to see about getting it and lately I’ve been reading Fear Street. Those are really quick reads and they are just nuts.

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